Travel Writing Made Easy, and It's All Travel Writing


Our travels through life are unavoidably interesting.  Whatever happens to us—a hike through the desert, a night stuck in the airport, a trip to Hawaii, a stay in the hospital— anywhere we go and anything we do there—becomes a captivating adventure if we pay close attention and turn it into a story.  And turning whatever happens in our travels into something we can write about makes us pay attention to whatever’s there, while something is happening or after the fact, and that makes everything more interesting and enjoyable; even the hard stuff becomes easier. In this class, we’ll use easy, fun, foolproof writing exercises to turn our travel stories into writing that’s fresh, exciting, and surprising.  We’ll create a small creative community in a strictly positive environment.  And we’ll talk about how to use writing as a life tool that can turn every trip we go on, whether it’s exciting and wonderful or not so wonderful, into a transformative experience, for us and our readers, allowing us to make the most of our travels through life.  This class welcomes writers at all levels.

In this workshop, we will generate new writing through exercises and assignments.

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