Flash Forward: Writing Micro Nonfiction


The fast-paced, social media-dominated society in which we live today, combined with people’s enduring hunger to connect with true stories of others, has made flash prose a popular form of writing for both readers and writers. Generally under 1000 words and more often under 500, flash prose pieces can provide a welcome break from longer book projects while keeping our writing muscles active. Producing complete flash essays in a comparatively short time can also foster a sense of tangible accomplishment. But writing a successful flash essay is not as easy as it looks! In this weekend workshop for writers at all levels, you’ll learn how to craft creative nonfiction flash essays through the use of helpful prompts, exchange light critiques to help you polish your flash essays for potential publication, and read examples of effective flash essays for class discussion about the craft elements that make each of them successful. Expect to produce one or more rough drafts for flash essays in this class that you can further polish at home, and to have a lot of fun!

In this workshop, we will generate new writing through exercises and assignments and provide feedback on writing you produce in your weekend. 

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