It's About Time: Writing That Endures


If you can't find the time to write your novel, your memoir, or your collection of poems, chances are you're a human being living in a society. This weekend-long workshop (itself a time crunch, and that's the point) will teach writers then to "make time," not only to carve out free moments in their day, but to write literary works in response to, and about, the subject of "time." All genres and all levels welcome.

In this generative writing workshop students will learn about writers from several disciplines who write not only about time (the events of James Joyce's monumental "Ulysses" spans 24 hours) but also according to it (Bernadette Mayer's monumental "Midwinter Day" was written in the span of 24 hours). Students will be exposed to works of poetry and prose written under playful time constraints that make time work for them, and students will write in-class and at-home exercises that are time-based and durational. Ultimately, students will, on the practical side, learn strategies to make daily writing an exciting opportunity rather than a chore, and also will plan out and conceive of a project to be completed sometime after the class, whether in a period of years or a period of seconds.

In this workshop, we will generate new writing through exercises and assignments; provide feedback on writing you produce in our weekend.

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