Your Novel in a Week


This class will focus intensely on the novel-writing process. Come prepared to discuss a novel you’re already working on, even if that novel is only in the planning stages. In a whirlwind week we will work through the major issues of writing a novel -- instigating event, characterization, structure, and suspense. Rather than a workshop, this will be a class where new work is generated (both in and outside of class) and shared with your classmates and me for feedback. Even if you’re fairly far into a draft of a novel, this class is meant to help you rethink it, shake it up, see it anew. You will complete writing assignments to help you develop your plot, bring your characters into focus and explore your setting. We will also discuss a short novel and some novel excerpts for inspiration and craft ideas. You’ll go home with a clearer sense of your novel and renewed trust in yourself and your writing process.

In this workshop, we will generate new writing through exercises and assignments; provide feedback on writing assignments you produce during our week.

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