Fleshing Out the Scene: Navigating Research-Based Memoirs - 11th Hour Lecture Series


We often want memoirs to read similarly to the way memories play in our heads, but memories contain lots of implicit details that can be easy to overlook. Fabrics, textures, colors, and smells can help position the reader in seemingly forgotten time and space. Finding and using these details to our advantage can add significantly to the landscape of a scene. This presentation addresses the questions: What are some ways we can adjust our mindset to focus on these details? When interviewing people about the past, how do we get details that help fill out a scene? What goes into interview and research prep? What are some useful go-to interview tactics and questions? How do we locate and use digital archives, and what tools can we use to help expedite the interview and research process? 


100 Phillips Hall
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Iowa City, IA
United States

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