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Kali White VanBaale is the author of the novels The Monsters We Make (as Kali White) and The Good Divide and The Space Between (as Kali VanBaale). She’s the recipient of an American Book Award, an Eric Hoffer Book Award, an Independent Publisher’s silver medal for fiction, two State of Iowa major artist grants, and was a finalist for the All Iowa Reads in 2022. She’s a regular contributor to the A&E Network True Crime blog series, and her short stories and essays have appeared in The Coachella Review, The Chaffey Review, Midwestern Gothic, Nowhere Magazine, Poets&Writers, and The Writers’ Chronicle among others. Kali holds an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is a core faculty member of the Lindenwood University MFA in writing program where she was named adjunct professor of the year in 2022 and a RISE Scholar in 2023. She lives in Iowa with her family. www.kaliwhite.com


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Architecture of the Novel

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All novels are constructed with intricate mechanical parts that create the whole, but what are the parts beyond general character and plot? What are the smaller, unseen levers and gears that help build novels? In this workshop for novelists of all levels and genres, we’ll examine the interconnected architectural parts that yes, develop the basics like characters and plots, but also the smaller, unseen parts that build story structure, create narrative time, activate settings, and produce conflicts to fuel the overall story. We’ll study these architectural parts in published examples, increase your craft vocabulary, and discuss how they might apply to your own novel.

In this workshop, we will also generate new writing through exercises and assignments and provide feedback on writing you produce in our week.
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