Jessica Alexander


Jessica Alexander’s novella, None of This Is an Invitation (co-written with Katie Jean Shinkle) was published by Astrophil Press in summer 2023. Her story collection, Dear Enemy, was the winning manuscript in the 2016 Subito Prose Contest, as judged by Selah Saterstrom. Her collaborative project That Woman Could Be You (co-written with Vi Khi Nao) came out with BlazeVox in April 2022. Her novel, Agnes, We’re Not Murderers, is forthcoming from Clash Books.



Jessica Alexander

Mystery, Suspense, and Fascination in Fiction and Nonfiction

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Mystery is the heart of all narrative, its pulse the fine tension between question and perception, wonder and suspense. For the purposes of this workshop, our prose need not hinge on a crime, a culprit, or a private eye. We will build inquiry into fictional ecosystems and discuss how the mechanics...
Jessica Alexander